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The ineffable tenderness with which Anne Tannam’s poetry chronicles love and loss, and our daily struggles with both, may catch you off guard and leave a sob of recognition in your throat. Anne’s poems render truth with such exquisite clarity, and integrity, that we willingly place our trust in them – certain they are strong enough to carry us too.

Eleanor Hooker

Author of The Shadow Companion & A Tug of Blue

Anne Tannam is the current Poet in Residence with Poetry Ireland (2023 - 2025). From Drimnagh in Dublin, she is the authour of three poetry collections: Take This Life (Wordonthestreet Publishers 2011), Tides Shifting Across My Sitting Room Floor (Salmon Poetry 2017) and Twenty-six Letters of a New Alphabet (Salmon Poetry 2021). With the support of a Literature Bursary Award from the Arts Council of Ireland, Anne's fourth collection dismantle is forthcoming with Salmon Poetry in early 2024.

For more on Anne's poetry, check out her Biography page.


Through her business Creative Coaching, Anne helps other writers to build and sustain flourishing writing practices.

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