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using story to ask for forgiveness

in this version I am the woodcutter 


i am the woodcutter’s wife


i am the dead mother


i may also be the witch


sometimes you are hansel


sometimes you are gretel


sometimes you are their whispers

in the dark of the hungry night



for brevity’s sake we’ll dispense 

with the pebbles and breadcrumbs and crying



always it is six days before your ninth birthday 


always you are thirsty and i don’t take heed


always your body’s cellular mutiny 

the sickly fruitiness of your breath



like most stories it goes back to an absent mother


a fearful father 


a blindsided moon



in one version a parched forest

crawling on its knees begging for water


a gingerbread house eating itself from the inside out


and dry-eyed death salivating 

rattling your cage 



trying to sweeten you up

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Using Story to Ask for Forgiveness by Anne Tannam Read by Anne Tannam
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