Tides Shifting Across My Sitting Room Floor

Anne Tannam's 'Tides Shifting Across My Sitting Room Floor' maps loss and grieving, navigating through their disorientating effects, charting them with the eye of a careful documentarian. There is something universal captured in the specific and the deeply personal. The reader comes away feeling that the poet is working hard to sift lessons from all this loss so that she can share them with us, a worthwhile and generous lesson.


Grace Wilentz

Poetry Ireland Review Issue 128

A profound and tender read that requires cups of tea, a sense of humour and a packet of tissues. At turns comforting and heart-breaking, the poems address life and death without sentimentality as the poet skillfully navigates relationships with loved ones, herself and the world around her with a conversational ease that left me stumped. There are few collections of poetry that have touched me so deeply.


Alvy Carragher

Author of Falling in Love with Broken Things and The Cantankerous Molly Darling


Take This Life

The poems do indeed reflect her life and she takes her inspiration wherever she can find it. This may be the stray lyric of a song, an overheard conversation or a piece of writing. The poems reflect Tannam as a child, a mother, a friend, and simply as a human being. ….. she assembles an array of varied, often provoking images in her poems.  BOOKS IRELAND


Twenty-six Letters of a New Alphabet

Anne's third collection Twenty-six Letters of a New Alphabet  is forthcoming with  Salmon Poetry in 2021

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